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  • Identifying Rights: towards a standard protocol for identification and assistance to trafficked persons




    Anti-Slavery International, UK


    € 180 000 (€ 140 000 of EU support)


    December 2003 — September 2005


    Anti-Slavery International; Eaves Housing for Women, UK; Association On the road, Italy; Police Academy, Netherlands; Albania, Nigeria, Thailand

    Objectives and results

    The main objective of this project was to develop a model protocol for government officials to correctly interview migrants in order to determine whether they are victims of trafficking and related violence. To implement this protocol, training was organised for law enforcement officials and other front-line workers who encounter trafficked persons. It helped them deal more sensitively with migrants, especially those who may have been trafficked. Around 180 law enforcement officers from three member states took part in the training sessions.

    Publications and other resources

    • Identification protocol for Identification and Assistance to Trafficked Persons
    • Training kit

    Further information

    Ms Klara Skrivankova, Anti-Slavery International -

    Mr Rod Leith -


    Law enforcement, Netherlands, Training, United Kingdom, Italy, NGO and Civil Society, Victims