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  • Creating a Legal and Sustainable Environment for Trafficked Humans from and in Cambodia (CETHCam)


    2007/130512 - AENEAS




    Interchurch Organisation for Development (ICCO)


    2.500.000€ (2.000.000€ of EU contribution)




    COSECAM - NGO Coalition to Address Sexual Exploitation of Children in Cambodia (lead partner), Ockenden Cambodia, Chab Dai

    Objectives and results

    The overall objective of the action was to stem irregular immigration and reduce human trafficking in particular of children and youths in Cambodia and in the region, by establishing a comprehensive approach involving government and key stakeholders from civil society.

    The expected results of the project included developing an improved legal framework to facilitate the return and reintegration of trafficked migrants and their families. The project established a coordinated national system of reintegration services for victims focusing on assistance to selected beneficiaries in building skills, finding employment, entering self-employment or starting a micro-enterprise.

    The following activities were undertaken:

    • Lobby, advocacy and support to national anti –trafficking institutions;
    • An extensive review of current legislation on trafficking;
    • Research in remote areas to identify potential risks for local (ethnic) migrants
    • Needs assessment of project and managerial staff and social workers;
    • Empowerment of victims by organizing workshops
    • Drafting a handbook on the implementation of the CCM approach;
    • Development of vocational training
    • Sensitization of local leaders and community activists on issues such as successful reintegration and family tracing through training and network meetings.

    Publications and other resources

    Website: Creating a Legal and Sustainable Environment for Trafficked Human Beings From & In Cambodia (CETHCam) Project 

    Further information

    Jean Paul Benard, Program Officer, Global Affairs Department, Interchurch Organisation for Development (ICCO)