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  • Study on Protecting Migrants and Combating Trafficking: Building an Information and Knowledge Base for Policy Support on International Migration in the Gulf Council States

    Budget Line

    2007/129868 - AENEAS

    Countries/Regions - Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai

    Main Implementing partner

    International Labour Organisation (ILO), Italy


    230.000 € (180.000€ of EU contribution)




    College of Graduate Studies, University of Sharjah (U.A.E.), Kuwait Economic Society, Department of Sociology at the University Of Qatar (Associate)

    Objectives and results

    The project addressed smuggling and trafficking in human beings. The following activities were undertaken: 

    • Promotion of basic migrant workers’ rights
    • Improvement of the collection of information on vulnerable migrant workers
    • Building a research network to collect and collate information on different aspects of migrant workers’ lives and working conditions with a view to making this information available to the academic and policy-making community

    Further expected results of the action related to the implementation of international standards by the government.

    A final conference to present the comprehensive study and the country papers was held in Kuwait City on 5 December 2010 under the title "Protecting Temporary Expatriate Contract Workers in GCC countries: defining a policy agenda".

    Publications and other resources

    Two country studies plus two papers reviewing the regulatory frameworks governing labour migration in the UAE and Kuwait were prepared and on that basis a team based at the ILO Regional Office for the Arab States prepared a comprehensive study.

    Further information

    Ms. Audrey Le Guével, ILO-Brussels -