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  • Mirror Project

    “Developing agreed methodology of identification and referral for trafficking for labour exploitation: guaranteeing the victims the access to protection”


    ACCEM – Spain,

    Partners of the project:

    Opere Riunite Buon Pastore – Venezia, Italy,
    Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) – Brussels, Belgium,
    Fundatia Floarea Ialomiteana – Ialomita, Romania
    Associazione On the Road onlus (OtR) – Martinsicuro (TE), Italy,

    February  2010 - February 2012

    Countries in which the project will be developed: Spain, Italy, Romania

    Objectives and results
    Creation of an agreed methodology for identification and referral of victims of trafficking with the purpose of labour exploitation, as the unique manner to guarantee their effective protection. The first essential step to realize this purpose is to map the situation of trafficking for labour exploitation in the targeted countries (Italy, Romania and Spain), with the intention to detect the main sectors and circumstances where trafficking for labour exploitation is more likely to happen, the existing mechanisms of identification and referral of the victims, as well as the strengths and the weaknesses of each targeted system. In the same time, the project foresees the involvement of the national agents of identification by the focal points of each targeted country. In this manner, according to the compiled information and involvement of national authorities and agents of identification in the project, training sessions will take place. Subsequently, all the experiences of the actors involved, the conclusions and the information obtained during these previous stages will be collected in order to elaborate a common and agreed methodology for identification and referral of victims of trafficking for labour exploitation, to be implemented during a six month period by the national authorities and agents previously involved in the project. The implementation will be evaluated by the expert counselling of one of the partners, considering their long expertise on the issue, which will contribute to the high level of accountability of the project products. Finally, all the experiences and best practices acquired during the implementation of the project will be gathered for the elaboration of dissemination materials.