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  • Commission staff working document - Trade and Worst Forms of Child Labour

    Brussels, 30.4.2013, SWD (2013) 173 final

    The EU is committed to eradicating the worst forms of child labour at a global level. The Commission’s 2010 Staff Working Document “Combating Child Labour“ provided a global and comprehensive picture of the phenomenon and of EU action - including a general overview of trade aspects. As a result of the discussions that ensued, the Council invited the Commission to study and report on the worst forms of child labour and trade, taking into account international experience and the views of competent international organizations. This staff working document responds to that request by the Council. It builds on the 2010 document, providing additional detail of the trade dimension of the phenomenon in view of international experience, paying particular emphasis to the link between trade and child labour and its worst forms, and to the rationale of EU policies in this respect.