Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Study on the assessment of the extent of different types of Trafficking in Human Beings in EU countries

    Publication date: 31.12.2009

    provides comparative analysis of assessed extent of different types of human trafficking in 17 EU Member ... icmpd_study_on_the_assessment_of_extent_of_different_types_of_trafficking_in_eu_countries_en.pdf Publications Thursday, 31 December, 2009 International Organisation Data collection 2009 Different_types_of_trafficking_in_EU study_on_the_assessment_of_the_extent_of_different_types_of_trafficking_in_human_beings_in_eu_countries.jpg ...Read More

  2. Regulation of labour market intermediaries and the role of social partners in preventing trafficking of labour

    Publication date: 10.05.2016

    of different registration or licensing schemes. It also examines activities by social partners aimed ... of the EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings 2012-2016 with the overall aim ... The best practice guide will be developed by the European Commission as a deliverable of the EU Strategy.  ...Read More

  3. EU Annual Report on Human Rights and democracy in the world in 2015

    Publication date: 21.06.2016

     Council of European Union, 20 June 2016, 52 pages The EU is committed to incorporating human ... Staff Working Document on a "Rights Based Approach” (RBA), encompassing all human rights for EU development cooperation. The EU has started progressively to integrate such a rights-based approach in its ...Read More

  4. Trafficking in Human Beings in the EU

    Publication date: 18.02.2016

    Europol, 18 February 2016,  Situation Report   Human trafficking is a major problem in the EU and a priority for MS law enforcement agencies.   Trafficking in human beings (THB) is a serious crime and an abuse of an individual’s fundamental rights and dignity. It involves the exploitation of vulnerable ...Read More

  5. Special Eurobarometer 428- Gender Equality

    Publication date: 22.01.2016

    March 2015, 229 pages "Europeans are most likely to cite sexual violence as the priority area for the EU to tackle, followed by violence in close relationships or domestic violence and human ... is an EU priority. This form of violence receives the highest mentions in Sweden (84%), the Netherlands ...Read More

  6. Managing the risk of hidden forced labour – a guide for companies and employers

    Publication date: 18.12.2015

    The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking has prepared the guidelines which serve as a quick guide for companies and employers risking to become associated with forced labour and severe labour exploitation. The guidelines have been prepared in consultation with a number of different stakeholders ...Read More

  7. Child trafficking in the European Union- Challenges, perspectives and good practices

    Publication date: 06.07.2009

    and organisational nature: the fact that different definitions of trafficking co-exist, that different methods ... in the EU- Challenges, perspectives and good practices" can be found under Member States. ...Read More

  8. Policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors in the EU Member States and Norway

    Publication date: 03.06.2015

    which have occurred since 2009, from the moment of arrival at the external borders or on the EU ... strengthen the protection of UAMs in the EU, along with identifying areas in which more work may need ...Read More

  9. Study On trafficking in organs, tissues and cells and trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 12.10.2009

    that different solutions are required for preventing the two types of trafficking. ... types of trafficking in OTC; in the first case the "organs, tissues and cells" are trafficked ...Read More

  10. EASO: Age assessment practices in Europe

    Publication date: 01.12.2013

    it encourages cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders, outlining the role that different actors can play ... and quality mechanisms, providing information about the use of EU funds. age_assessment_practice_in_europe.pdf ...Read More