Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Training manual to fight trafficking in children for labour, sexual and other forms of exploitation

    Publication date: 14.09.2009

    exploitation UNICEF_ILO_UNGIFT_training_manual_text training_manual_to_fight_trafficking_in_children_for_labour_sexual_and_other_forms_of_exploitation.jpg ... unicef_ilo_ungift_textbook_1_en.pdf unicef_ilo_ungift_exercise_book_en.pdf unicef_ilo_ungift_textbook_2_en.pdf unicef_ilo_ungift_facilitator_guide_en.pdf unicef_ilo_ungift_textbook_3_en.pdf Publications Monday, 14 September, 2009 International ...Read More

  2. Trafficking for forced labour. How to monitor the recruitment of migrants

    Publication date: 11.10.2006

    International Labour Office, 2006, 99 pages This training manual aims to raise awareness amongst labour inspectors, police, government officials, employers’ organizations, trade unions, and others, ... The manual aims both to inform and guide on action. It provides information on abusive recruitment practices ...Read More

  3. Measuring Responses to Trafficking in Human Beings in the European Union: An Assessment Manual

    Publication date: 17.10.2007

    European Commission/Mike Dottridge, 2007, 86 pages This manual is intended to enhance the capacity ... The manual presents a checklist of a total of 55 indicators/questions. These indicators will allow Member ... The manual consists of four separate but overlapping parts. Part I focuses on six guiding principles, which ...Read More

  4. Anti-Human Trafficking Manual for Criminal Justice Practitioners

    Publication date: 30.08.2009

    UN.GIFT, 2009, 396 pages The purpose of this Manual is to support criminal justice practitioners ... different situations related to human trafficking. The Manual is the result of a  cooperative process ... anti-human_trafficking_guide_for_criminal_justice_en.pdf Publications Sunday, 30 August, 2009 International Organisation Victims Manual 2009 ...Read More

  5. Human trafficking manual for journalists

    Publication date: 14.01.2010

    ASTRA 2010, 164 pages This manual was created with the intention to offer all those who write ... human_trafficking_manual_for_journalists.pdf Publications Thursday, 14 January, 2010 2010 Human_trafficking_manual_for_journalists human_trafficking_manual_for_journalists.jpg ...Read More

  6. Combating trafficking in children for labour exploitation: A resource kit for policy-makers and practitioners

    Publication date: 31.10.2008

    others the value of child participation, monitoring and documentation of learning The text is accompanied by over 150 resources that range from publications to protocols and from manuals to copies of relevant ...Read More

  7. Study on prevention initiatives on trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 20.10.2015

    the organised crime dimension of THB and the supply/demand dynamics, as well as the training of police officers, ...Read More

  8. Publications

    Publication date: 06.10.2010

    This section offers research reports, manuals, guidelines and other publications related to trafficking in human beings. The documents have been produced by governments, academic and research institutions, UN agencies, regional institutions and non-governmental organisations. Users can search documents ...Read More

  9. Caring for Trafficked Persons Guidance for Health Providers

    Publication date: 20.03.2013

    Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) developed a training package based on the handbook Caring for Trafficked Persons: ... wish to carry out training to help a concerned health provider understand the phenomenon of human ... to providing health care for trafficked persons. The training is designed for all types and levels of health ...Read More