Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Reference Guide on Protecting the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking in Europe

    Publication date: 31.12.2005

    unicef_child_trafficking_reference_guide_en.pdf Publications Saturday, 31 December, 2005 International Organisation Child protection Victims Guidelines 2005 Child trafficking UNICEF_Child_trafficking_reference_guide_2006 ... the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking in Europe serves as an implementation book for the UNICEF ...Read More

  2. UNICEF Guidelines on Protection of the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking

    Publication date: 31.08.2006

    is indicative. unicef_guidlines_on_protection_of_the_rights_of_teh_child_2006_en.pdf Publications Thursday, 31 August, 2006 Government International Organisation Child protection Guidelines 2006 Child trafficking UNICEF_Guidelines_on_Protection_of_the_Rights_of_Child unicef_guidelines_on_protection_of_the_rights_of_child_victims_of_trafficking.jpg ...Read More

  3. Action to prevent child trafficking in South Eastern Europe – A Preliminary Assessment

    Publication date: 01.01.2006

    Prevention Report Data collection 2006 Child trafficking UNICEF_TDH_Action_to_prevent_childtrafficking_in_eastern_Europe action_to_prevent_child_trafficking_in_south_eastern_europe_a_preliminary_assessment.jpg ... from an assessment of the efforts to prevent child trafficking in South Eastern Europe. Its main ...Read More

  4. Child trafficking in Europe – A broad vision to put children first

    Publication date: 31.12.2006

    December, 2006 International Organisation Prevention Report Data collection 2006 Child trafficking ... to child trafficking by assessing the legal, policy and implementation frameworks in place to address ... investigates the complexity of child trafficking from its origin to destination. It maps trafficking patterns ...Read More

  5. Young People’s Voices on Child Trafficking: Experiences from South Eastern Europe

    Publication date: 31.12.2007

    UNICEF/Mike Dottridge: Young People's Voices on Child Trafficking: Experiences from South ... December, 2007 International Organisation Prevention Report 2008 Child trafficking ... (30 girls and 1 boy) who had been trafficked. Interviews were conducted in Albania, Kosovo, Republic ...Read More

  6. Training manual to fight trafficking in children for labour, sexual and other forms of exploitation

    Publication date: 14.09.2009

    The manual consist of the following five handbooks: Textbook 1- Understanding child trafficking: Covers definitions of and approaches to child trafficking, and aims to outline the main concepts involved so that there is clarity and common understanding. Textbook 2- Action against child trafficking at policy and outreach ...Read More

  7. Child Trafficking in the Nordic Countries

    Publication date: 16.12.2011

    is to improve the understanding of child trafficking and responses in the Nordic region. It is based on data ... significant attempts to address the issue of child trafficking, by setting up relevant institutions, ... leave some children unprotected. child-trafficking-in-the-nordic_countries.pdf Publications Friday, 16 ...Read More

  8. Human Child Trafficking. A Look Through the Internet Window

    Publication date: 16.10.2006

    in the Southeastern and also Western Europe. human_child_trafficking._a_look_through_the_internet_window.pdf Publications Monday, 16 October, 2006 Child protection 2006 HumanChildTrafficking human_child_trafficking._a_look_through_the_internet_window.jpg ...Read More

  9. Handbook on the Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography

    Publication date: 31.01.2009

    Child trafficking Unicef_handbook handbook_on_the_optional_protocol_on_the_sale_of_children_child_prostitution_and_child_pornography.jpg ... United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 2009,  63 pages This handbook aims to promote understanding and effective implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child ...Read More

  10. Trafficking in children in Romania Study on the recruiting process

    Publication date: 23.11.2009

    and effective support measures. child_trafficking_in_romania_en.pdf Publications Monday, 23 November, 2009 Romania Child protection Prevention 2009 Child trafficking Trafficking ... General inspectorate of the Romanian Police/National agency against trafficking in Persons:  – ...Read More