Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Their Protection is in Our Hands-The State of Global Child Trafficking for Sexual Purposes

    Publication date: 31.12.2008

    exploitation Their_Protection_is_in_Our_Hands their_protection_is_in_our_hands_-the_state_of_global_child_trafficking_for_sexual_purposes.jpg ... the vulnerability of children and young people at the hands of traffickers  The numbers of children trafficked ...Read More

  2. ICMPD- Study on Post-Trafficking Experiences in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Portugal

    Publication date: 01.04.2010

    2010, 132 pages The aim of this study is to provide a detailed empirical understanding of how the current transnational referral framework including identification; first assistance and protection ... is understood, perceived and experienced on the one hand by trafficked persons and on the other hand ...Read More

  3. Re/integration of trafficked persons: how can our work be more effective

    Publication date: 25.05.2011

    re_integration_of_trafficked_persons_how_can_our_work_be_more_effective.jpg ...Read More

  4. Vulnerability up close. An exploratory study into the vulnerability of children to human trafficking

    Publication date: 18.10.2016

    labour Child protection Child sexual exploitation Year: 2016 Means acts purpose: Child trafficking ...Read More

  5. FRA releases initial data from its mapping national child protection systems project

    Publication date: 11.02.2015

    FRA has made available some data from its mapping of national child protection systems in the 28 EU Member States. The aim of the mapping is to understand how national child protection systems work, and to identify common challenges and promising practices. The full report on mapping child protection systems ...Read More

  6. The Protection Project review of the Trafficking in Persons Report

    Publication date: 26.07.2012

    The Protection Project, John Hopkins University, July 2012, 128 pages The purpose of this review ... Report). the_protection_project_review_of_the_trafficking_in_persons_report.pdf Publications Thursday, 26 July, 2012 2012 Child trafficking Protection-Project-review ...Read More

  7. Effective Protection for Domestic Workers

    Publication date: 12.06.2012

    the protection of labour laws or are treated less favourably than other wage workers. National labour laws should ... and their implications for regulation. effective_protection_for_domestic_workers_a_guide_to_designing_labour_laws.pdf Publications Tuesday, 12 June, 2012 Guidelines 2012 Labour exploitation Domestic servitude Effective_Protection ...Read More

  8. Human Trafficking and Refugee Protection: UNHCR's Perspective

    Publication date: 31.08.2009

    in the prevention of human trafficking and protection of its victims: The crime of trafficking in human beings may ... for international protection, respect for the principle of non-refoulement and for victims' human rights States ... involved in anti trafficking activities and those responsible for granting of international protection ...Read More

  9. Refugee Protection and Human Trafficking: Selected Legal Reference Materials

    Publication date: 30.11.2008

    sources. Refugee Protection and Human Trafficking: Selected Legal Reference Materials_en.pdf Publications ... Refugee_Protection_and_Human_Trafficking_2008 refugee_protection_and_human_trafficking_selected_legal_reference_materials.jpg ...Read More

  10. Rights here, rights now: Recommendations for protecting trafficked children

    Publication date: 18.09.2007

    protection standards for trafficked children in the UK compared to international standards. The report ... Rights_here_rights_now rights_here_rights_now_recommendations_for_protecting_trafficked_children.jpg ...Read More