Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. States’ Obligations under Human Rights Law towards Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings

    Publication date: 04.04.2012

    States_Obligations_under_Human_Rights_Law ... Yugoslavia relating to enslavement. states_obligations_under_human_rights.pdf Publications Wednesday, ... University Press, 21 pages A number of rulings by international human rights tribunals, made in the last few ...Read More

  2. UN OHCHR commentary on Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Right and Human Trafficking

    Publication date: 30.11.2010

    Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Right and Human Trafficking, Commentary UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2010, 255 pages The United Nation Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights presented Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking ...Read More

  3. The International Law of Human Trafficking

    Publication date: 09.11.2010

    to the international law of state responsibility as well as key norms of international human rights law, transnational ... of the international law of human trafficking. Anne T. Gallagher calls on her direct experience working within ... the major legal obligations of states with respect to preventing trafficking, protecting and supporting ...Read More

  4. Aim for Human Rights: Health Rights of Women Assessment Instrument

    Publication date: 31.12.2007

    should happen according to the human rights obligations of a country. The analysis includes local, ... for implementing the policy The impact on the health rights of women State obligationsConclusions and way forward ... Netherlands' Humanist Committee on Human Rights, 2008,  74 pages The Health Rights of Women ...Read More

  5. EMN Study on Identification of victims of trafficking in human beings in international protection and forced return procedures

    Publication date: 20.03.2014

    to them under EU law. In view of this, proactive methods of detection in (Member) States can be considered ... of victims. Directive 2011/36/EU obliges Member States who have opted into the Directive to set up systems ... there is no obligation on the victim to switch to procedures for a residence permit as a victim of trafficking in human ...Read More

  6. Collateral Damage: The impact of trafficking measures on human rights around the world

    Publication date: 04.10.2007

    of anti-trafficking measures on human rights in eight specific countries (Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, ... an overview of the human trafficking situation, the current legal framework, specific laws and policies ... have been able to better exercise their human rights as a result of the anti-trafficking initiatives ...Read More

  7. Trafficking in Human Beings in the EU

    Publication date: 18.02.2016

    Europol, 18 February 2016,  Situation Report   Human trafficking is a major problem in the EU and a priority for MS law enforcement agencies.   Trafficking in human beings (THB) is a serious crime ... or its Member States     Situational Report- Trafficking in Human Beings- Europol.pdf Publications ...Read More

  8. Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking

    Publication date: 19.05.2002

    Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), 2002, 17 pages The Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking have been developed in order to provide practical, rights-based policy guidance on prevention of human trafficking and the protection of the victims. ...Read More

  9. The struggle of the European Union to realize a human rights-based approach to trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 25.05.2011

    pages The article argues that EU law has largely neglected the human rights aspect of trafficking in its response. In order to realize a human rights-based approach a more balanced response including prosecution, ... _a_human_rights-based_approach_to_trafficking_in_human_beings.jpg ...Read More

  10. OSCE: Human Trafficking for Labour Exploitation/Forced and Bonded Labour: Identification- Prevention- Prosecution; and Prosecution of Offenders, Justice for Victims

    Publication date: 07.04.2010

    and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings focuses on the specifics of labour exploitation. ... to criminalise the offence in national law in a manner consistent with the Palermo Protocol. There is also a need to ensure that all types of protection and assistance are available to victims. Finally, States need also ...Read More