Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Study on National Legislation on Prostitution and the Trafficking in Women and Children

    Publication date: 31.07.2005

    Parliament_Study_on_National_Legislation study_on_national_legislation_on_prostitution_and_the_trafficking_in_women_and_children.jpg ... European Parliament, 2005, 175 pages This Report presents the results of the study National ... Sacro Cuore (Italy).   study_on_national_legislation_and_prostitution_en.pdf Publications Sunday, 31 ...Read More

  2. Legislation and the Situation Concerning Trafficking in Human Beings

    Publication date: 31.03.2010

    in this area. Some of the major findings of the study include:- The legislation on prostitution to a large ... national legislations are increasingly reflecting the EU standards and requirements on trafficking in human ... how legislation and policies on trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and relating ...Read More

  3. Study on case-law on trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation

    Publication date: 20.10.2015

    to prosecution of this crime.  The case-law analysis also provides an indication of how national legislation ... European Commission, 2015 Aim of this study was to identify case law relating to THB ... the transposition of the Directive. While the official reference period for the study is 2009-2013, some cases from ...Read More

  4. Study on the assessment of the extent of different types of Trafficking in Human Beings in EU countries

    Publication date: 31.12.2009

    in the study, the outcomes include a comprehensive overview of national data, including national legislation ... International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), 2010, 435 pages The ICMPD study ... icmpd_study_on_the_assessment_of_extent_of_different_types_of_trafficking_in_eu_countries_en.pdf Publications Thursday, 31 December, 2009 International Organisation Data collection 2009 ...Read More

  5. Study on the gender dimension of trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 21.03.2016

    European Commission, 2016, 240 pages The purpose of this study is to contribute ... of Trafficking in Human Beings.  The study contributes to Priority E Action 2 of the Strategy, which states ... in human beings from a gender perspective ’.  This study, according to its terms of reference, aims to look ...Read More

  6. EMN Study on Identification of victims of trafficking in human beings in international protection and forced return procedures

    Publication date: 20.03.2014

    return procedures European Migration Network Study, March 2014 This Synthesis Report presents the main findings of the Third 2013 EMN Focussed Study on “Identification of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings in International Protection and Forced Return Procedures ”. The aim of the Study was to examine whether, and how, ...Read More

  7. Legislation on Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Immigrant smuggling

    Publication date: 31.12.2004

    Europol, 2005, 23 pages The report examines how an adequate legal framework at a national level ... and smuggling are two different crimes and both should be dealt with through separate and specific legislation ... framework, or loopholes in legislation, provides traffickers and smugglers with the possibility to focus ...Read More

  8. Legislation, rights protection and assistance

    Publication date: 25.05.2011

    for a nation-wide assistance system based on inter-disciplinary cooperation, establishing cooperation between ... mona_legislation_rights_protection_and_assistance_2010_en.pdf Publications Wednesday, 25 May, 2011 Victims 2011 MONA_2010 legislation_rights_protection_and_assistance.jpg ...Read More

  9. Trafficking in Persons for Begging – Romania Study

    Publication date: 21.08.2013

    National Agency against Trafficking in Persons, August 2013, 86 pages The study was conducted ... repatriation and reintegration of victims of Trafficking in Human Beings". This study aims to analyze ... the characteristics of victims and the modus operandi of traffickers. Further information is available on  National ...Read More

  10. Report for the Study on Typology and Policy Responses to Child Begging in the EU

    Publication date: 29.05.2013

    European Commission, December 2012, 337 pages The European Commission-funded study ... European cities, approaching child begging at a national and local level from a child rights perspective, ... report_for_the_study_on_typology_and_policy_responses_to_child_begging_in_the_eu.pdf Publications Wednesday, 29 May, 2013 2013 Forced begging Child_Begging_EU ...Read More