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  • The European Union and the fight against trafficking: comprehensive or contradicting

    Meng-Hsuan Chou, ‘The European Union and the Fight against Human Trafficking: Comprehensive or Contradicting?,’ STAIR 4:1 (2008): 76-95, 20 pages

    The article analyses EU anti-trafficking policy and legislation from a migration perspective arguing that EU efforts in the anti-trafficking field are 'securitarian'.

    The paper starts with an analysis of the Directive on short term residence permits for victims of trafficking. Regarding the EU migration policy framework the article claims that there is divergence between theory and practice. While in theory the approach is advocated as comprehensive, the practice shows that the framework is used to implement the 'securitarian' approach rather than victim protection and rehabilitation.

    Finally the article looks at recent efforts to overcome this divergence within the EU migration policy framework.


    Migration, Victims