Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Re/integration of trafficked persons: how can our work be more effective

    Publication date: 25.05.2011

    Victims 2011 KBF_2008_reintegration_of_trafficked re_integration_of_trafficked_persons_how_can_our_work_be_more_effective.jpg ... by the King Baudouin Foundation focusing on the re/integration of trafficking victims. This paper explores ... Read more

  2. trafficked children

    Publication date: 14.03.2013

    Publications trafficked_children ... Read more

  3. Guardianship for children deprived of parental care: A handbook to reinforce guardianship systems to cater for the specific needs of child victims of trafficking

    Publication date: 30.06.2014

    national guardianship systems for children in Europe, as part of the EU’s anti-trafficking strategy which ... of their childhood. Children are particularly vulnerable and at greater risk of becoming victims of trafficking in human beings. Child protection is a cornerstone of our EU anti-trafficking legislation and guardianship ... Read more

  4. More trafficking less trafficked. Trafficking for Exploitation outside the sex sector in Europe

    Publication date: 19.12.2011

    out that a broad definition of human trafficking is needed since the ‘traditional’ one focuses on the sex industry as the primary, if not the only, site of trafficking. The last years have seen, especially in Europe, a growing attention to what is termed as ‘trafficking for labour exploitation’ ... Read more

  5. Trafficking in human beings- EUROSTAT- 2015 edition

    Publication date: 11.11.2014

    Trafficking in Human Beings in Europe. This publication constitutes the second working paper at the EU level on statistics on trafficking in human beings and contains data for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. This second ... convicted for trafficking in human beings. The tables affected are Tables 14–16 and A18–A23. Eurostat Report ... Read more

  6. The Impact of the Use of New Communications and Information Technologies on Trafficking in Human Beings for Sexual Exploitation. Role of Marriage Agencies in Trafficking in Women and Trafficking in Images of Sexual Exploitation

    Publication date: 14.11.2001

    of marriage agencies in trafficking for sexual exploitation. The research questions addressed in this report are: What is the use of new information and communication technologies for trafficking of adult persons ... and exploitation of trafficked persons); What are the existing practices concerning trafficking of images of adult ... Read more

  7. Trafficking in children in Romania Study on the recruiting process

    Publication date: 23.11.2009

    General inspectorate of the Romanian Police/National agency against trafficking in Persons:  – ... of the trafficking process- the recruitment – of children in Romania, as one of the main origin countries in Europe. The study aims to identify specific parameters of trafficking in children in Romania, such as the background ... Read more

  8. Opportunities and Obstacles: Ensuring access to compensation for trafficked persons in the UK

    Publication date: 30.09.2008

    Anti-Slavery International, 2008, 56 pages This report examines what options trafficked persons ... an increase in the number of convictions for human trafficking in the UK, legal remedies and compensation for trafficked persons have remained inaccessible. The report identifies the legal remedies available ... Read more

  9. GRETA publishes report on Norway

    Publication date: 24.05.2013

    Strasbourg, 07.05.2013 – The Council of Europe expert group on action against human trafficking ... victims of trafficking. In its first report on Norway, published today, GRETA acknowledges that Norway has taken significant steps to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings, and commends Norway’s leading ... Read more

  10. GRETA Report on Finland

    Publication date: 22.07.2015

    trafficking in human beings in Finland, the setting up of the national assistance system for victims of trafficking, and the appointment of an independent National Rapporteur and, more recently, a National ... trafficking. Additional prevention and protection measures should be taken in order to address the particular ... Read more