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    Combating trafficking in children for labour exploitation: A resource kit for policy-makers and practitioners

    International Labour Organisation (ILO) 2008, 222 pages

    This resource kit captures over 10 years of work by ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) and its partners. It makes the experiences and knowledge available to those who design, implement and improve policy and programming to fight child trafficking.

    The resource kit is composed of five separate but interrelated books that cover a range of themes:

    Book 1 is designed to help users to understand human trafficking, particularly trafficking that involves children

    Book 2 stresses the need to acquire knowledge prior to designing responses to child trafficking

    Book 3 is about building a legal and policy framework within which to address trafficking, and also pays attention to mobilization and building of partnerships

    Book 4 focuses the actual remedial action to address child trafficking and provides insight into the initiatives that have been and can be taken to prevent such trafficking, protect children from becoming victims of trafficking, respond where trafficking exists and provide support and services to those who have been trafficked

    Book 5 highlights effective processes that may contribute to effective remedial action, and highlights amongst others the value of child participation, monitoring and documentation of learning

    The text is accompanied by over 150 resources that range from publications to protocols and from manuals to copies of relevant international instruments. They also include complementary resources from ILO projects, partners and other agencies working to combat child trafficking.



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