Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Human Trafficking Online: The role of social Networking Sites and Online Classifieds

    Publication date: 22.09.2011

    monitoring and prevention techniques to combat human trafficking online. The report recommends future ... Human_Trafficking_Online human_trafficking_online_the_role_of_social_networking_sites_and_online_classifieds.jpg ... Social networks and online classified sites are being used by traffickers to market, recruit, sell, ...Read More

  2. Managing the risk of hidden forced labour – a guide for companies and employers

    Publication date: 18.12.2015

    The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking has prepared the guidelines which serve as a quick ... as a practical online tool including checklists, which companies can apply to conduct risk assessment, risk ... which may result in serious reputational damage and police investigations.  The online guideline is free ...Read More

  3. Human trafficking manual for journalists

    Publication date: 14.01.2010

    and historical outline, providing a general overview of the situation and new trends in human trafficking ... human_trafficking_manual_for_journalists.pdf Publications Thursday, 14 January, 2010 2010 Human_trafficking_manual_for_journalists human_trafficking_manual_for_journalists.jpg ...Read More

  4. Anti-Human Trafficking Manual for Criminal Justice Practitioners

    Publication date: 30.08.2009

    in the prevention of human trafficking, the protection of the victims, the prosecution of its perpetrators ... different situations related to human trafficking. The Manual is the result of a  cooperative process ... anti-human_trafficking_guide_for_criminal_justice_en.pdf Publications Sunday, 30 August, 2009 International Organisation Victims Manual 2009 ...Read More

  5. A Baseline Assessment on the Nature and Scale of Human Trafficking in 2011

    Publication date: 29.08.2012

    and scale of human trafficking during 2011. This is the first an attempt has been made to describe the full extent of human trafficking in the United Kingdom (UK). The assessment explores the number of potential ... a_baseline_assessment_on_the_nature_and_scale_of_human_trafficking_in_2011.pdf Publications Wednesday, 29 August, 2012 United Kingdom Victims 2011 UKHTC_A_Baseline_Assessment ...Read More

  6. First annual report of the Inter-Departmental Ministerial Group on Human Trafficking

    Publication date: 29.10.2012

    an assessment of human trafficking in the UK by the Inter-Departmental Ministerial Group on Human Trafficking ... first_annual_report_of_the_inter-departmental_ministerial_group_on_human_trafficking.pdf Publications Monday, 29 October, 2012 United Kingdom International Organisation Prevention Data collection Training 2012 InterDepartmental_Ministerial_Group_on_Human_Trafficking ...Read More

  7. Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking

    Publication date: 19.05.2002

    Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking have been developed in order to provide practical, rights-based policy guidance on prevention of human trafficking and the protection of the victims. ... recommended_principles_and_guidelines_on_human_rights_and_human_trafficking.jpg ...Read More

  8. UKHTC: A Strategic Assessment on the Nature and Scale of Human Trafficking in 2012

    Publication date: 12.09.2013

    Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), August 2013, 31 pages The UK Human Trafficking Centre has published its annual assessment on the nature and scale of human trafficking during 2012 in UK. ... a_strategic_assessment_on_the_nature_and_scale_of_human_trafficking_in_2012.pdf Publications Thursday, 12 September, 2013 Government Victims Report 2013 Organised Crime UKHTC ...Read More

  9. The UK’s response to human trafficking: Fit for purpose?

    Publication date: 24.07.2012

    overview of the available evidence about the scale of human trafficking in the UK to review the general UK ... the_uk_response_to_human_trafficking._fit_for_purpose.pdf Publications Tuesday, 24 July, 2012 United Kingdom 2012 The_UK_s_response_to_human_trafficking ...Read More

  10. Refugee Protection and Human Trafficking: Selected Legal Reference Materials

    Publication date: 30.11.2008

    govern the complex problem of human trafficking. Victims of human trafficking as a group do not fall ... into three parts. Part I contains universal instruments and policy relating to human trafficking. Part II contains regional law and policy relating to human trafficking. Part III contains references to additional ...Read More