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  • Guidelines to help victims of trafficking and smuggling of human beings

    SKIN (Samen Kerk In Nederland – Together Church in the Netherlands), 2009, 55 pages (NL, EN, FR)

    In order to address the phenomena of trafficking of human beings and smuggling, SKIN (Samen Kerk In Nederland – Together Church in the Netherlands) has developed a Program on prevention, protection, rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked and smuggled victims. Considering that churches in the countries of origin and destination should and could play a significant proactive role for the protection of the victims of smuggling and trafficking, SKIN has published these guidelines in order to give practical information to local churches on how to better help and support the victims and to better cope with these phenomena.

    These guidelines provide information on how to develop confidential advice to victims and explain a flow chart to help and link victims with the right organisations and authorities, depending of their specific situation. Finally, the document contains a description of organisations working on trafficking and smuggling and provides a list of contact details and addresses.


    Guidelines, Prevention, Victims