Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Forced labour and UK immigration policy: status matters?

    Publication date: 12.10.2011

    the country for marriage or family reunification. forced_labour_and_uk_immigration_policy ... Forced_labour_and_UK_immigration_policy forced_labour_and_uk_immigration_policy._status_matters.jpg ... the international migrants’ vulnerability to forced labour. Five broad categories of migrants have been identified: ...Read More

  2. Forced labour: contemporary slavery in the UK

    Publication date: 16.04.2009

    of policy so that to reduce the incidence of forced labour in the UK and provide better services for its ... research projects exploring the scope and experience of forced labour in the UK. Phase 2 will focus on support for victims of forced labour. forced_labour._contemporary_slavery_in_the_uk.pdf Publications ...Read More

  3. Forced labour and Human Trafficking: A Handbook for labour inspectors

    Publication date: 23.10.2008

    International Labour Office, 2008, 68 pages Contemporary forms of forced labour, including ... to assume that forced labour and trafficking are best dealt with through criminal law enforcement ... at labour inspectors but also other law enforcement authorities, such as police, tax or immigration ...Read More

  4. OSCE: Human Trafficking for Labour Exploitation/Forced and Bonded Labour: Identification- Prevention- Prosecution; and Prosecution of Offenders, Justice for Victims

    Publication date: 07.04.2010

    OSCE_Exploitation_Identification_Prosecution osce_human_trafficking_for_labour_exploitation_forced_and_bonded_labour.jpg ... and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings focuses on the specifics of labour exploitation. ... to propose multifaceted responses which encompass all relevant policy areas. The text is based on the 3rd ...Read More

  5. Experiences of forced labour among Chinese migrant workers

    Publication date: 01.11.2011

    workers in the UK, focusing on forced labour and exploitation, the role of family and social ... unions and employers to tackle forced labour and exploitative working conditions. experiences_of_forced_labour_among_chinese_migrant_workers.pdf Publications Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 United Kingdom Government Civil Society Report 2011 Labour ...Read More

  6. Between decent work and forced labour: examining the continuum of exploitation

    Publication date: 01.11.2010

    and forced labour begin? In the process of finding an answer to this question, the paper offers an overview of selected concepts and definitions from across the world, and examines how forced labour is currently framed ... . between_decent_work_and_forced_labour_en.pdf Publications Monday, 1 November, 2010 Handbook 2010 Labour exploitation ...Read More

  7. Forced labour and Human Trafficking: Handbook of Court Decisions

    Publication date: 22.10.2009

    the term ‘forced labour’. The hope is that this tool will be useful to practitioners in adjudicating cases, ... forced_labour_and_human_trafficking._handbook_of_court_decisions.pdf Publications Thursday, 22 October, 2009 International Organisation 2009 HandbookofCourtDecisions ... International Labour Office,2009, 120 pages The purpose of this casebook is to introduce judges, ...Read More

  8. Managing the risk of hidden forced labour – a guide for companies and employers

    Publication date: 18.12.2015

    guide for companies and employers risking to become associated with forced labour and severe labour ... companies can apply in order to avoid unintentionally being associated with cases of hidden forced labour ... “Managing the risk of hidden forced labour – a guide for companies and employers”   Publications Friday, 18 ...Read More

  9. Opportunities and Obstacles: Ensuring access to compensation for trafficked persons in the UK

    Publication date: 30.09.2008

    into UK anti-trafficking policy. Provide trafficked persons with a temporary residence permit as a part ... have to seek compensation for their injuries and suffering under UK law. Although there has been an increase in the number of convictions for human trafficking in the UK, legal remedies and compensation ...Read More

  10. FAO-ILO good practice guide for addressing child labour in fisheries and aquaculture: policy and practice

    Publication date: 22.12.2011

    policy and legal framework for addressing child labour, many instruments still need to be translated ... (FAO) has joined forces with the International Labor Organization (ILO) to release draft guidance on tackling the contentious issue of child labour in fisheries. Most experts agree that there is widespread ...Read More