Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Preventing and Combating all Forms of Trafficking in Women

    Publication date: 01.10.2011

    Austria and Neighbouring Countries – Preventing and Combating all Forms of Trafficking in Women ... (IOM). austria_and_neighbouring_countries_on_trafficking_in_women_2010_en.pdf Publications Saturday, ... Austria_and_Neighbouring_Countries_on_Trafficking_in_Women preventing_and_combating_all_forms_of_trafficking_in_women.jpg ... Read more

  2. Thematic Study on Child Trafficking- Austria

    Publication date: 30.06.2008

    information on anti-trafficking efforts to combat child trafficking in Austria. It specifies information ... to assistance child trafficking victims. The country report constitutes summaries from which the FRA report ... child-trafficking-09-austria_en.pdf Publications Monday, 30 June, 2008 Austria Children FRA Victims Report 2008 Child trafficking ... Read more

  3. GRETA reports released

    Publication date: 23.02.2012

    against Trafficking in Human Beings, in force in 34 countries in Europe. GRETA makes recommendations ... "artiste visas", which favoured trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation. ... The Council of Europe's Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings ... Read more

  4. The Impact of the Use of New Communications and Information Technologies on Trafficking in Human Beings for Sexual Exploitation. Role of Marriage Agencies in Trafficking in Women and Trafficking in Images of Sexual Exploitation

    Publication date: 14.11.2001

    and the resulting images are distributed on Internet). role_of_marriage_agencies_in_trafficking_in_women_and_trafficking ... _marriage_agencies_in_trafficking_in_women_and_trafficking_in_images_of_sexual_exploitation.jpg ... of marriage agencies in trafficking for sexual exploitation. The research questions addressed in this report ... Read more

  5. Violation of women`s rights- a cause and consequence of trafficking in women

    Publication date: 07.03.2008

    La Strada, 2008, 116 pages The report explores the link between trafficking in women and the violation of women's rights nine La Strada countries (Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech ... trafficking affects both men and women, it is not a gender-neutral phenomenon. Gender-based factors ... Read more

  6. Nordic Baltic Campaign Against Trafficking in Women

    Publication date: 21.01.2004

    Trafficking in Women was carried out in 2002 in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The countries involved ... year. nordic-baltic_campaign_against_trafficking_in_women.pdf Publications Wednesday, 21 January, 2004 2004 Nordic_Baltic_Campaign_Against_Trafficking_in_Women ... Read more

  7. Their Protection is in Our Hands-The State of Global Child Trafficking for Sexual Purposes

    Publication date: 31.12.2008

    from children trafficked into or within industrialised countries. Human trafficking is the third ... and The Body Shop and reveals key findings on the scale of trafficking in children and young people for sexual ... the vulnerability of children and young people at the hands of traffickers  The numbers of children trafficked ... Read more

  8. Nordic-Baltic Pilot Project: Trafficking in Women for Sexual Exploitation

    Publication date: 10.01.2008

    victims of trafficking in all eight participating countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, ... nordic-baltic_pilot_project_trafficking_in_women_for_sexual_exploitation_en.pdf Publications Thursday, 10 January, 2008 NGO and Civil Society Gender Report 2008 Sexual ... nordic-baltic_pilot_project_trafficking_in_women_for_sexual_exploitation.jpg ... Read more

  9. Study on the assessment of the extent of different types of Trafficking in Human Beings in EU countries

    Publication date: 31.12.2009

    icmpd_study_on_the_assessment_of_extent_of_different_types_of_trafficking_in_eu_countries_en.pdf Publications Thursday, 31 December, 2009 International Organisation Data collection 2009 Different_types_of_trafficking_in_EU study_on_the_assessment_of_the_extent_of_different_types_of_trafficking_in_human_beings_in_eu_countries.jpg ... provides comparative analysis of assessed extent of different types of human trafficking in 17 EU Member ... Read more

  10. Report of the Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children

    Publication date: 09.09.2013

    of the issue of trafficking in persons for the removal of organs, in which the Special Rapporteur specifically ... to people within their own countries or to foreigners. Lastly, the Special Rapporteur offers conclusions ... Read more