Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Disappearing, departing, running away- A surfeit of children in Europe

    Publication date: 23.02.2010

    2010 France Government Children 2010 A_surfeit_of_children_in_Europe disappearing_departing_running_away_a_surfeit_of_children_in_europe.jpg ... services. The following observations are made: The disappearance of children from institutions ... Read more

  2. Child trafficking in Europe – A broad vision to put children first

    Publication date: 31.12.2006

    indicative. child_trafficking_in_europe_a_broad_vision_to_put_children_first.pdf Publications Sunday, 31 ... Child_trafficking_in_Europe child_trafficking_in_europe_a_broad_vision_to_put_children_first.jpg ... UNICEF Innocenti Research Center, 2007, 68 pages The study examines how Europe is responding ... Read more

  3. Young People’s Voices on Child Trafficking: Experiences from South Eastern Europe

    Publication date: 31.12.2007

    Eastern Europe, 2008, 70 pages This study intends to stimulate thinking and action based on the active participation of children and young people. The study is based on interviews with 31 children and young people ... of Moldova and Romania in 2005 and 2006. The report indicates that children are 'experts' ... Read more

  4. Trafficking in children in Romania Study on the recruiting process

    Publication date: 23.11.2009

    of the trafficking process- the recruitment – of children in Romania, as one of the main origin countries in Europe. The study aims to identify specific parameters of trafficking in children in Romania, such as the background of children who are exposed to recruitment/trafficking, different recruiting methods and main actors involved ... Read more

  5. Rights here, rights now: Recommendations for protecting trafficked children

    Publication date: 18.09.2007

    UNICEF/ECPAT UK, 2007, 47 pages This report outlines the situation of trafficked children ... protection standards for trafficked children in the UK compared to international standards. The report ... and proposes solutions that place children's rights at the centre of the UK approach to safeguarding child ... Read more

  6. Study on National Legislation on Prostitution and the Trafficking in Women and Children

    Publication date: 31.07.2005

    legislation on prostitution and the trafficking in women and children. The goal of the study is to highlight the impact that prostitution related policies have on women and children trafficked and on the manners ... in force in EU Member States and the differences found in the number of women and children who have been ... Read more

  7. Forced labour and trafficking in Europe: how people are trapped in, live through and come out

    Publication date: 31.05.2008

    ilo_forced_labour_and_trafficking_in_europe_en.pdf Publications Saturday, 31 May, 2008 Children Migration International Organisation 2008 Sexual exploitation Labour exploitation Forced_labour_and_trafficking_in_Europe ... the sexual exploitation of particularly women and children. The paper aims at shifting the focus from ... Read more

  8. Reference Guide on Protecting the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking in Europe

    Publication date: 31.12.2005

    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), 2006, 202 pages The Reference Guide on Protecting the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking in Europe serves as an implementation book for the UNICEF ... of trafficking across Europe. Note that the publication date is indicative. ... Read more

  9. EASO: Age assessment practices in Europe

    Publication date: 01.12.2013

    and quality mechanisms, providing information about the use of EU funds. age_assessment_practice_in_europe.pdf Publications Sunday, 1 December, 2013 Children Victims 2013 Child trafficking EASO ... Read more

  10. Action to prevent child trafficking in South Eastern Europe – A Preliminary Assessment

    Publication date: 01.01.2006

    from an assessment of the efforts to prevent child trafficking in South Eastern Europe. Its main ... with organisations implementing prevention initiatives and with trafficked children from the region. The first part ... on the strategies implemented to prevent child trafficking in South Eastern Europe. It further points out the key ... Read more