Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Trafficking in human Beings in the European Union: A Europol perspective

    Publication date: 31.05.2009

    2009 A_Europol_perspective trafficking_in_human_beings_in_the_european_union_a_europol_perspective.jpg ... Europol, 2009, 12 pages This fact-sheet gives a general overview of trafficking in human beings, with a specific focus upon the European Union. According to Europol, the scale and nature of trafficking in human ...Read More

  2. Study on the gender dimension of trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 21.03.2016

    to the identification and understanding of what it means to be ‘taking into account the gender perspective ... in human beings from a gender perspective ’.  This study, according to its terms of reference, aims to look ... evidence from statistical data from Eurostat, as well as data from The European Police Office (Europol ...Read More

  3. Trafficking in Human Beings in the EU

    Publication date: 18.02.2016

    Europol, 18 February 2016,  Situation Report   Human trafficking is a major problem in the EU ... or its Member States     Situational Report- Trafficking in Human Beings- Europol.pdf Publications Thursday, 18 February, 2016 Europol Report Law enforcement 2016 1 ...Read More

  4. Legislation on Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Immigrant smuggling

    Publication date: 31.12.2004

    Europol, 2005, 23 pages The report examines how an adequate legal framework at a national level ... that the date of publication is indicative. europol_2005_legislation_en.pdf Publications Friday, 31 December, 2004 Europol Report 2005 Sexual exploitation Europol ...Read More

  5. Child trafficking in the European Union- Challenges, perspectives and good practices

    Publication date: 06.07.2009

    in the EU- Challenges, perspectives and good practices" can be found under Member States. ... Child_trafficking_in_the_European_Union child_trafficking_in_the_european_union_challenges_perspectives_and_good_practices.jpg ...Read More

  6. Human Trafficking and Refugee Protection: UNHCR's Perspective

    Publication date: 31.08.2009

    is indicative. Human Trafficking and Refugee Protection: UNHCR's Perspective_en.pdf Publications Monday, 31 ... UNHCR_Trafficking-Paper_EU_Ministerial_Conference unhcr_human_trafficking_and_refugee_protection_unhcrs_perspective.jpg ...Read More

  7. Child trafficking for exploitation in forced criminal activities and forced begging

    Publication date: 30.09.2015

    Publications Wednesday, 30 September, 2015 Europol Organised Crime Children Victims 2014 Organised Crime 1 ...Read More

  8. Marriages of convenience: A link between facilitation of illegal immigration and THB

    Publication date: 13.03.2014

    The Hague, March 2014, Early Warning Notification 2014/8 Marriages of convenience as a modus operandi for the facilitation of illegal immigration Europol regularly receives contributions detailing ... Commission, the European Union or its Member States". Publications Thursday, 13 March, 2014 Europol 2014 ...Read More

  9. ICMPD: Anti-Trafficking Data Collection and Information Management in the European Union

    Publication date: 17.11.2009

    2009, 166 pages The handbook is intended as a practical tool and, thus, outlines not only how data can be collected from a methodological and legal perspective but, equally, what type of victim and trafficker/criminal justice information can be important to collect and analyse in efforts to combat human ...Read More

  10. Thematic Study on Child Trafficking- Malta

    Publication date: 31.07.2008

    the FRA report " Child trafficking in the EU- Challenges, perspectives and good practices" has ...Read More