Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

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  1. Greta Report on Germany

    Publication date: 29.06.2015

    States. GRETA Report on Germany 2015_en.pdf Publications Monday, 29 June, 2015 1 ... Read more

  2. Policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors in the EU Member States and Norway

    Publication date: 03.06.2015

    EMN, May 2015, 48 pages This new study is an important update of a previous EMN Study on Policies on reception, return and integration arrangements for, and numbers of, unaccompanied minors carried out in 2008-2009. The current study: Identify changes in ... Read more

  3. Children’s rights in return policy and practice in Europe

    Publication date: 16.03.2015

    This discussion paper proposes specific considerations for Governments at this moment because of the potentially far reaching consequences that a rapid scale-up of the emerging practice may have, building on the agreements between European countries and A ... Read more

  4. Addressing forced marriage in the EU: legal provisions and promising practices

    Publication date: 06.03.2015

    Addressing forced marriage in the EU_en.pdf Publications Friday, 6 March, 2015 1 ... Read more

  5. FRA releases initial data from its mapping national child protection systems project

    Publication date: 11.02.2015

    FRA has made available some data from its mapping of national child protection systems in the 28 EU Member States. The aim of the mapping is to understand how national child protection systems work, and to identify common challenges and promising practice ... Read more

  6. Managing the risk of hidden forced labour

    Publication date: 26.01.2015

    labour_en.pdf Publications Monday, 26 January, 2015 Guidelines 2014 Labour exploitation 1 ... Read more

  7. Trafficking in human beings- EUROSTAT- 2015 edition

    Publication date: 11.11.2014

    EUROSTAT, February 2015,  142 pages In 2013 Eurostat published the  first working paper  on Trafficking in Human Beings in Europe. This publication constitutes the second working paper at the EU level on statistics on trafficking in human beings and conta ... Read more

  8. GRETA publishes report on Norway

    Publication date: 24.05.2013

    for the purpose of sexual exploitation.  greta_report_norway_2013_en.pdf Publications Friday, 24 May, 2013 Report ... Read more

  9. GRETA publishes report on Poland

    Publication date: 24.05.2013

    The convention came into force in respect of Poland in March 2009.  greta_report_poland_2012_en.pdf Publications ... Read more

  10. Report for the Study on Typology and Policy Responses to Child Begging in the EU

    Publication date: 29.05.2013

    European Commission, December 2012, 337 pages The European Commission-funded study on 'Typology and Policy Responses to Child Begging in the EU', completed in December 2012,  underlines the need for a coordinated and concerted effort in the Euro ... Read more