Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Human Trafficking Online: The role of social Networking Sites and Online Classifieds

    Publication date: 22.09.2011

    Centre on Communication Leadership & Policy (USC, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism), September 2011, 56 pages Hundreds of millions of individuals use social networking sites. However, in contrast to the social benefits that Internet ...Read More

  2. Tackling child labour: From commitment to action

    Publication date: 07.07.2012

    are still not fully applied in practice and enforced. tackling_child_labour_en.pdf Publications Saturday, ...Read More

  3. Study On trafficking in organs, tissues and cells and trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 12.10.2009

    council-un_study_on_trafficking_in_organs_2009_en.pdf Publications Monday, 12 October, 2009 Council of the European Union International Organisation ...Read More

  4. Analysing the Business- Model of trafficking in human beings to better prevent the crime

    Publication date: 30.05.2010

    the_business_model_of_trafficking_2009_en.pdf Publications Sunday, 30 May, 2010 International Organisation Victims Prevention Guidelines 2010 ...Read More

  5. The cost of coercion: Global Report

    Publication date: 11.05.2009

      ilo_the_cost_of_coersion_2009_en.pdf Publications Monday, 11 May, 2009 Government International Organisation Report 2009 Labour ...Read More

  6. Forced labour and UK immigration policy: status matters?

    Publication date: 12.10.2011

    Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Peter Dwyer et al., 12 October 2011, 45 pages The UK is home to a diverse range of migrant communities. This paper explores how much the immigration status affects the international migrants’ vulnerability to forced labour. Fiv ...Read More

  7. Experiences of forced labour among Chinese migrant workers

    Publication date: 01.11.2011

    Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Carolyn Kagan et al., 1 November 2011, 68 pages Over the last decade, the economic boom and political conditions in China have led to an increasing number of people from mainland China to migrate to seek work in the UK. This re ...Read More

  8. Fundamental principles and rights at work: From commitment to action

    Publication date: 07.03.2012

    International Labour Conference, 2012, 119 pages This Global Report analyses the use of fundamental principles and rights (including elimination of forced labour) in trade agreements, the impact of ILO's standard-related work as well as promotional a ...Read More

  9. Giving globalization a human face (General Survey on the fundamental Conventions)

    Publication date: 02.03.2012

    International Labour Conference, 2 mars 2012, 402 pages The General Survey of the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations reviews application in law and practice of ILO's eight fundamental Conventions. Since traffic ...Read More

  10. IOM 2011 case data on human trafficking. Global figures and trends

    Publication date: 13.04.2012

    IOM, February 2012, 32 pages IOM 2011 Case Data contains information on all trafficking cases assisted by the organisation in 2011. The tables contained within this document are based upon IOM case data where the organisation has been involved in providin ...Read More