Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. The Frail Chain – Support for Child Victims of Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region

    Publication date: 31.12.2007

    Council of the Baltic sea States (CBSS)/ Weyler Svante, 2008, 51 pages This report focuses on the assistance provided to child victims of trafficking and to what extent this assistance is functioning well in the Baltic Sea States region. The author focuse ... Read more

  2. Child trafficking in the European Union- Challenges, perspectives and good practices

    Publication date: 06.07.2009

    fra_child_trafficking_en.pdf Publications Monday, 6 July, 2009 FRA International Organisation Victims Report 2009 ... Read more

  3. Operational indicators of trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 01.03.2009

    ilo_eu_brochure_operational_indicators_en.pdf Publications Sunday, 1 March, 2009 International Organisation Victims Data collection 2009 Child ... Read more

  4. Disappearing, departing, running away- A surfeit of children in Europe

    Publication date: 23.02.2010

    responsibility terre_des_hommes_international_-_children_disappearing_en.pdf Publications Tuesday, 23 February, ... Read more

  5. Trafficking in children in Romania Study on the recruiting process

    Publication date: 23.11.2009

    and effective support measures. child_trafficking_in_romania_en.pdf Publications Monday, 23 November, 2009 ... Read more

  6. Annual Report of the on the latest developments in the United Nations relating to combating trafficking

    Publication date: 05.02.2009

    be at the centre of any credible anti-trafficking strategy.     unhchr_annual_report_2009_en.pdf Publications ... Read more

  7. The Identification and Referral of Trafficked Persons for Determining International Protection Needs

    Publication date: 30.09.2009

    the special protection needs of trafficked children. identification_and_referral_2009_en.pdf Publications ... Read more

  8. Collateral Damage: The impact of trafficking measures on human rights around the world

    Publication date: 04.10.2007

    not become "victims" of anti-trafficking. gaatw_collateral_damage_2007_en.pdf Publications ... Read more

  9. Violation of women`s rights- a cause and consequence of trafficking in women

    Publication date: 07.03.2008

    la_strada_-_violation_of_womens_rights_en.pdf Publications Friday, 7 March, 2008 NGO Prevention Report 2008 Labour exploitation ... Read more

  10. Trafficking in Persons; Analysis on Europe

    Publication date: 14.10.2009

    trafficking_in_persons_in_europe-final_09_en.pdf Publications Wednesday, 14 October, 2009 International Organisation 2009 ... Read more