Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. A Baseline Assessment on the Nature and Scale of Human Trafficking in 2011

    Publication date: 29.08.2012

    SOCA, August 2012, 19 pages This assessment was produced to provide an indication of the nature and scale of human trafficking during 2011. This is the first an attempt has been made to describe the full extent of human trafficking in the United Kingdom ( ...Read More

  2. GRETA Report on the United Kingdom

    Publication date: 12.09.2012

    Reports: GRETA report on Romania GRETA Reports Attachments:  greta_report_united_kingdom_2012_en ...Read More

  3. CBSS Networks Develop Recommendations on Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region

    Publication date: 01.09.2014

    CBSS Networks, August 2014, 12 pages In March 2014, more than one hundred professionals from the Baltic Sea Region working against human trafficking gathered in Helsinki to discuss and develop recommendations on victim assistance. The Conference on How to ...Read More

  4. Available in all official EU languages: Handbook on Guardianship for children deprived of parental care

    Publication date: 30.06.2014

    children deprived of parental care_en.pdf Handbook on Guardianship for children deprived of parental ...Read More

  5. Abuse of a victim of prostitution: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the sex purchase ban

    Publication date: 11.12.2013

    abuse_of_a_victim_of_prostitution-_summary_en.pdf abuse_of_a_victim_of_prostitution_evaluation_of_the_effectiveness_of_the_sex_purchase_ban_en ...Read More

  6. Study on National Legislation on Prostitution and the Trafficking in Women and Children

    Publication date: 31.07.2005

    study_on_national_legislation_and_prostitution_en.pdf Section: Publications Publication Date:  Sunday, 31 July, 2005 Country: Italy Type of Publication: ...Read More

  7. The IOM Handbook on Direct Assistance for Victims of Trafficking

    Publication date: 04.09.2008

    publication date is indicative Attachments:  iom_handbook_on_direct_assitance_en.pdf Section: Publications ...Read More

  8. Refugee Protection and Human Trafficking: Selected Legal Reference Materials

    Publication date: 30.11.2008

    sources. Attachments:  Refugee Protection and Human Trafficking: Selected Legal Reference Materials_en ...Read More

  9. The Vienna Forum report: a way forward to combat human trafficking

    Publication date: 01.05.2008

    vienna_forum_report_2009_en.pdf Section: Publications Publication Date:  Thursday, 1 May, 2008 Institution: International ...Read More

  10. Comments on the proposal for a Directive on combating trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 09.06.2010

    have been compelled to commit.    Attachments:  unhcr_comments_trafficking_directive_en.pdf Section: ...Read More