Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings



  1. Legislation and the Situation Concerning Trafficking in Human Beings

    Publication date: 31.03.2010

    icmpd_report_on_eu_legislation_on_trafficking_en.pdf Section:  Publications Publication Date:  Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 Institution:  International ...Read More

  2. Caring for Trafficked Persons- Guidance for Health Providers

    Publication date: 06.07.2009

    human trafficking. Attachments:  caring_for_trafficked_persons_en.pdf Section:  Publications Publication ...Read More

  3. The struggle of the European Union to realize a human rights-based approach to trafficking in human beings

    Publication date: 25.05.2011

    rights-based approach to fighting trafficking. Attachments:  rijken_and_de_volder_2009_en.pdf Section:  ...Read More

  4. Trafficking in Persons to Europe for sexual exploitation

    Publication date: 01.06.2010

    From "The Globalization of Crime. A Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment", Chapter 2: Trafficking in Persons, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2010, pages 16 UNODC has produced this first-ever Transnational  Organized Crime T ...Read More

  5. Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP), 2011

    Publication date: 27.06.2011

    U.S State Department, 2011, 420 pages The US State Department has published the 2011 Trafficking in Persons Report, a detailed examination of the issue, ranking every major country across the globe. The major forms of human trafficking covered by the repo ...Read More

  6. Europe s fight against human trafficking

    Publication date: 14.05.2014

    Armardo García Schmidt and Christal Morehouse, 2010, Bertelsmann Stiftung, 8 pages The paper gives a factual overview of human trafficking starting with the current situation and recent developments in international law, inter alia the United Nations Traf ...Read More

  7. GRETA reports released

    Publication date: 23.02.2012

    greta_report_moldova_2011_en.pdf greta_report_croatia_2011_en.pdf greta_report_denmark_2011_en.pdf greta_report_denmark_2011_en ... .pdf greta_report_georgia_2011_en.pdf greta_general_report_2011_en.pdf greta_report_austria_2011_en ... .pdf greta_report_slovak_republic_2011_en.pdf greta_report_cyprus_2011_en.pdf Section:  Publications Publication Date:  Thursday, 23 February, ...Read More

  8. Trafficking of men- a trend less considered: The case of Belarus and Ukraine

    Publication date: 22.10.2008

    IOM Migration Research Series 36, IOM, Geneva, 2008, 128 pages This study considers the specific experiences of trafficked males of Belarusian and Ukrainian nationality highlighting how trafficking takes place from these countries. Trafficking in males ha ...Read More

  9. Strategies Against Human Trafficking: The Role of the Security Sector

    Publication date: 23.09.2009

    Cornelius Friesendorf, National Defence Academy and Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports, DCAF 2009, 514 pages This book examines links between trafficking and corruption, trafficking and organized crime, and the overlapping with other forms of migrati ...Read More

  10. The Causes and Consequences of Re-trafficking: Evidence from the IOM Human Trafficking Database

    Publication date: 20.10.2010

    IOM Human Trafficking Database Thematic Research Series, IOM, Geneva, 2010, pages 74 There is very little research conducted into the incidence, cause or consequence of re-trafficking. This research paper, funded by United States Department of State Offic ...Read More