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  • The National Police Board was assigned the role of a National Rapporteur (NR) on trafficking in human beings in December 1997. The Swedish NR has a similar mandate to equivalent mechanisms in other Member States, but is not an independent institution.

    The National Rapporteur reports annually to the Government on the results of counter-trafficking efforts, investigations, court rulings and trends in human trafficking in Sweden. It further formulates recommendations for improvements.

    The responsibilities of the National Rapporteur include:

    • Collecting information on the extent of human trafficking in Sweden and abroad;
    • Monitoring progress in the fight against trafficking (e.g. assessment of the effectiveness of the legislative and policy framework on trafficking in human beings, including policies and legislation criminalising the demand for sexual services);
    • Analysis of investigations, prosecutions and sentencing of buyers, procurers, traffickers and organised crime networks;
    • Monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of information about emerging issues, such as new forms and methods of trafficking in human beings to and within Sweden;
    • Organisation of seminars and training nationally and internationally;Development of networks nationally and internationally.



    National Rapporteur
    Kajsa Wahlberg
    National Police Board
    P.O. 12256, SE- 10226 STOCKHOLM
    Telephone: +46 8 401 4687 (direct)