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  • An equivalent mechanism to a National Rapporteur is set up under the coordination of the National Agency against Trafficking in Persons (ANITP). In March 2009, the ANITP was changed from an independent national agency, with the authority to administer federal funding for anti-trafficking initiatives, to a subordinate agency of the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police.

    The ANITP coordinates, evaluates and monitors the implementation of anti-trafficking policies at national level and is responsible for drafting annual reports. The ANITP is also maintaining a central database on victims of human trafficking.



    Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform
    National Agency against Trafficking in Persons
    6, Mihai Voda St., sector 5, Bucharest
    Telephone: +40 21 311 89 84
    E-mails: (Monitoring Office) (Prevention office)