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  • The Finnish government appointed the Ombudsman for Minorities to serve as the National Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, in January 2009. The National Rapporteur is an independent actor, administratively situated within the Ministry of the Interior.

    The tasks of the National Rapporteur include:

    • Monitoring phenomena relating to human trafficking, the fulfilment of international obligations and the effectiveness of national legislation
    • Issuing proposals, recommendations, statements and advice relevant to combating human trafficking and to promoting and ensuring the rights of victims
    • Keeping in contact with international organisations
    • Providing legal advice and assisting victims as necessary
    • Reporting regularly to the Government and Parliament on human trafficking and related phenomena.



    National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings /Ombudsman for Minorities
    Eva Biaudet
    PL 26 / Mikonkatu 25 , 00023 Valtioneuvosto
    Telephone: + 358 - 9- 71 878 8666