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  • The Belgian government has not officially appointed a National Rapporteur. However, the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR) is de facto exercising the role of National Rapporteur or equivalent mechanism.

    The CEOOR is an autonomous public service established in 1993. It has been issuing independent annual evaluation reports on trafficking in human beings since 1996. The reports draw the authorities' attention to the most important issues and simultaneously propose measures to be taken to improve anti-trafficking activities and to enhance victim support.

    Complementary to this, the government submits a biennial report to the parliament on the enforcement of measures to combat human trafficking in Belgium. The report is drafted by the Department of Criminal Policy, which has an autonomous status within the Ministry of Justice.



    Centre for equal opportunities and opposition to racism
    Contact: Patricia Le Cocq Rue Royale, 138, 1000 Brussels
    Telephone: + 32-2-212 31 19

    Ministry of Justice Department of Criminal Policy
    Contact: Jean-François Minet (Chairmanship of the Bureau of the Interdepartmental Coordination Unit for the Fight against THB)
    Porte de Hal, 5-8, 1060 Brussels
    Telephone: + 32-2-542.74.20
    Website: (in Dutch and French)