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  • Sierra case: Bulgarian traffickers conviction including compensation to victims

    Country: the Netherlands

    Court: District Criminal Court Alkmaar

    Sentence date: 3 February 2012

    Purpose of exploitation: Exploitation of the prostitution

    The Bulgarian offender was convicted in the District Criminal Court of Alkmaar together with other offenders. This conviction was for trafficking in human beings with regard to 7 victims from Bulgaria. He had forced them to work in the sex industry for several years within different cities in the Netherlands. This had been made through violence and violence threat. The victims were forced to earn a minimum sum of 500.- EUR a day. Moreover, they had to work for long shift hours and many days in a row, including when they were sick. All proceeds were cashed by the offenders for their personal gain. The Court also ruled that the offender had to pay compensation to 4 of the victims under the criminal proceeding. Said compensation was for material and immaterial damages they had suffered for a total of 150,800.- EUR.