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  • Si.El. and Bu.Me Case

    Country: Italy

    Court: Crema Court, Criminal Section

    Sentence date: 6 October 2010

    Purpose of exploitation: Sexual exploitation and begging

    Si.El. and Bu.Me., Romanian nationals, were sentenced to five years and six months' imprisonment and a fine of 1,500 Euros. In addition to this, they had to jointly pay Court costs. The judgment was rendered on the grounds that they were accused of having approached some girls in Romania and misled them about the possibility of getting a regular job in Italy, as well as a dwelling house and a decent life. The sole purpose of this was to gain an unfair benefit equal to the sums of money Si.El. and Bu.Me. obtained through prostitution and begging.

    Once arrived in Italy, the girls were indeed deprived of their documents and forced to have sex with clients of Italian nationality through violence. Advantage was also taken of their state of ignorance of Italian language and law, which did not allow them to ask for help. Si.El. and the clients directly agreed on sexual intercourse services. He priced said services, planned meetings and demanded payment of the agreed price, the amount of which he entirely retained.

    For these offences, a security measure of assigning them to a correction workhouse for a period of one year was also imposed upon Si.El. and Bu.Le. Moreover, they were barred from holding public office for a term of five years.