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  • Sahel case

    Country: Italy

    Court: Court of Assizes in L'Aquila (Italy)

    Sentence date: 25 May 2012

    Purpose of exploitation: Exploitation of prostitution

    The Court of Assizes in L'Aquila (Italy) rendered a Judgment in favour of 17 Nigerian women being forced into prostitution and in a severe state of exploitation.

    The said Court pronounced sentences of 100 years for the 19 defendants, finding them guilty of serious crimes, including criminal association with the purpose of trafficking, slavery and illegal immigration. Of special interest in this case are the provisions related to compensation to victims.

    The ruling makes reference to the provision of Article 600 of the Italian Criminal Code (enslavement) concerning prostitution exploitation and the Directive 2011/36/EU on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims. Especially, recital 13 of the said Directive requires that "The use of seized and confiscated instrumentalities and the proceeds from the offences referred to in this Directive to support victims’ assistance and protection, including compensation of victims and Union trans-border law enforcement counter-trafficking activities, should be encouraged” and Article 17 (compensation of victims) stipulates that " Member States shall ensure that victims of trafficking in human beings have access to existing schemes of compensation to victims of violent crimes of intent"

    The Court ordered  50,000€ compensation to each of the 17 Nigerian women victims.