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  • Jose and Florencia

    Jose and Florencia

    Country: Spain

    Court: Supreme Court

    Sentence date: 23-03-2011

    Purpose of exploitation: sexual exploitation

    Carlos José and his wife Florencia brought several women from Brazil to Spain during 2006 and 2007. These women were brought to work as prostitutes at the brothel “Las Musas” in Castellón. They knew they were coming to Spain to work as prostitutes and that they would have to pay back the cost of their airplane tickets. In order to pay back this debt, the women had to perform sexual services for clients designated by the defendants until their debt had been repaid.

    The appeal was dismissed by the Supreme Court. The Spanish Supreme Court held that the elements of deception, abuse of power or a position of vulnerability, and threat or coercion were not present in this case. This was, according to the Court, because the women came to Spain knowing that they would work as prostitutes and would have to pay back a debt.