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  • Ej. Al. sexual exploitation case

    Country: Italy

    Court: Supreme Court of Cassation, 3rd Criminal Section

    Sentence date: 8 June 2010

    Purpose of exploitation: Sexual exploitation

    The Turin Court of Appeal confirmed the guilt finding for Ej. Al. in relation to the offences of recruitment  and exploitation of the prostitution of Ru. Sh., Eg. Ga. and Ni. Da. in participation with certain Ba. Lu., Hi. Ri. and Hi. Ma. having been judged separately.

    The Territorial Court also confirmed the conviction against Ej. and Gi. La. An. Fl. in relation to the offence attributed to them since they had tricked Gi. Io. Au. and Va. Al. Fl., both being minors, into entering the territory of the State (of Italy) through promising them a lawful and fair job and even bestowing the parents of Va. Al. Fl. with a sum of money.