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  • What is Being Done to Reduce the Vulnerability of Girl’s entering Europe through International Marriage Brokers/ Mail Order Bride Agencies?

    29th January 2013 3pm– 5pm

    The European Parliament in Brussels, meeting room A5G305.

    Event Hosted by: Britta Thomsen MEP


    The International Marriage Broker’s Industry is a large and growing enterprise, facilitating men from Western Europe, the United States and Australia to meet young beautiful women from Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. This business has united many couples for happy and long lasting relationships. However some of these girls have found themselves in vulnerable and exploitative situations. At this meeting we will be looking at what is being done and could be done to help protect these girls from issues of Human Trafficking and Abuse so that they can find the ‘Happy Ever After’ ending that they seek.


    • Britta Thomsen:  Welcome
    • Ms. Marie Yvette Banzon-Abalos, First Secretary and Consul of the Phillipines Embassy– Mail Order Bride Act in the Philippines
    • Ivo Šrámek – Czech Republic Ambassador - What is being done in the Czech Republic to reduce the vulnerability of women moving abroad through International Marriage Brokers?
    • Ms Zoi Sakelliadou – links between Human Trafficking and International Marriage Brokers
    • European Women’s Lobby – links between Human Trafficking and International Marriage Brokers
    • Migrant Network for women – Issues of vulnerabilities facing women when they migrate for marriage
    • Emma Gooding – Initiatives and projects that Oasis has to offer to reduce the vulnerability of women who move abroad through International Marriage Brokers
    • International Marriage Brokers Agency Representative TBC – what they are doing to reduce the vulnerability of the women who use their service.
    • Discussion


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