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  • HHP exhibition: project-art installation focused on Human Trafficking

    “HHP” exhibition, created by the Dutch visual artist Marian van der Zwaan, will be launched on the 18th October 2013 in:

    • Accra-Efua Sutherland Park at 16.30 hrs local time
    • Bern-Waisenhausplatz at 09.00 hrs local time
    • Luanda- Baia de Luanda at 17.30 local time
    • Lisbon-Rossio at 17.30 hrs local time
    • São Paulo-Memorial America Latina 19.00 hrs local time

    The exhibition will open on Friday, 18th October and will run through November 2013.

    “HHP” is a project/art installation focused on Human Trafficking. The project consists out of five labyrinths of 225 m2 each, constructed in 5 different in 3 different continents, with one permanent construction in Ghana/Accra.

    The art installation looks for the promotion and protection of human rights, by concentrating on education, as a mean to spread the message and build a structural approach.

    This project is created with a specific emphasis on young people, working with high schools, teachers and public institutions in different parts of the world. And in so doing, stimulate a bond between students from different origins. "HHP" is an inter-act exhibition that uses the installation as a platform, encouraging youth to relate to arts and social problems in their language.

    This project has been granted with "Patronage" from UNESCO in Accra, Lisbon, São Paulo & Luanda. Patronage is UNESCO's highest form of support.

    For more information please contact: Paulo Raposo


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