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  • Study Visit on Trafficking in Persons

    Study Visit on Trafficking in Persons

    JHA IND/STUD 32406

    The National Coordination Committee, Egypt

    9 000€


    Objectives and results
    The objective of the project was to allow an in-depth exchange of information and expertise with Egyptian officials on anti-trafficking policies at the local and at the EU level.

    To this end, a four day study visit was undertaken to the UK (London and Sheffield). Organised in co-operation with the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), it aimed at:

    • Providing a solid background on the trafficking issue, including local, national, and international cooperative efforts to combat trafficking in persons.
    • Introducing participants to policies and strategies to prevent and actively combat trafficking of persons, including prosecution of and enforcement against traffickers.
    • Providing Egyptian experts with information about initiatives to protect, assist and provide social reintegration for trafficking victims.
    • Demonstrating how representatives from a variety of societal sectors can effectively work together to address this issue and to encourage cooperation among stakeholders.

    Further information
    Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX), DG Enlargement, European Commission -


    Organised Crime