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  • Trafficking in human beings: A new frontier in the European judicial co-operation to fight transnational organised crime


    Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, Italy

    80 000€ (40 000€ of EU support)

    June 2005 – March 2006

    Haut Conseil de la Justice, Belgium; Ministry of Justice, Germany; Center of Legal Studies, Spain

    Objectives and results
    The project consisted mainly of a conference gathering magistrates and police officers, held on 6-8 February 2006 in Rome. It contributed to exchange of best practices and knowledge on investigation methods. Information was also exchanged on prosecution cases and protection of victims.
    The following topics were at the centre of discussion during various workshops: 

    • Regulating migration flows, between the fight against illegal migration and opportunities for integration. The economic dimension of trafficking in human beings and money laundering channels.
    • The international instruments concerning the fight against trafficking in human beings.
    • The emerging trends in the criminal laws of European countries with regard to trafficking in human beings and the possibilities for harmonisation of legislation.
    • Judicial co-operation tools in the EU to counter the offences related to migration and trafficking in human beings such as gathering evidence, use of undercover agents, precautionary measures concerning individuals and/or property, enforcement of sentences: extradition, cross-border pursuits, the European arrest warrant.
    • Co-ordinating investigations and the role of Eurojust

    Further information
    Eugenio ALBAMONTE, Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura -