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  • ISEC Call for proposals 2012

    The European Commission has launched the ISEC Call for Proposals 2012 targeted on Trafficking in Human Beings.

    This Call aims at intensifying the EU efforts in working towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings. The Call is consistent with EU policy priorities, and should lead to the improvement of the nonlegislative actions in this area, and to more coherence while ensuring no duplication of efforts at the EU level.

    The following priorities have been fixed for 2012 within this Call:

    1. Establishment of partnerships amongst private and public entities, and in particular collaboration with non governmental actors.
    2. Raise the awareness of trafficking in human beings in particular in high risk sectors.
    3. Protection of, support and assistance to victims of human trafficking.
    4. Prosecution and investigation of offenders.
    5. Research into new forms of trafficking. More knowledge on the use of internet and social networks in relation to human trafficking.
    6. Training of actors working in the field of trafficking in human beings.

    Applications must be submitted by 28 August 2012 (14:00 CET)