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  • COMP.ACT - European Action Pact for Compensation for Trafficked Persons




    The International La Strada Association, Netherlands


    € 443.000 (€ 303 000 of EU support)


    Ongoing, started in December 2009


    8 Member States and 5 third countries

    Objectives and results

    This project aims to develop measures to improve access to compensation and legal support for victims of trafficking (VOTs) in Europe. Specific objectives of the project are to:

    • identify and reduce systemic and procedural obstacles to access to compensation;
    • mainstream compensation into anti-trafficking policies and practice;
    • make compensation accessible for VOTs on a systematic and sustainable basis

    The project will form a European coalition (COMP∙ACT EUROPE) consisting of NGOs offering direct assistance to trafficked persons, lawyers, trade unions, migrant rights’ organisations, academics and international umbrella organisations.

    The following outputs are expected:

    • National working groups set up in 13 countries, bringing together 90 organisations
    • Implementation of one European and at least seven national advocacy campaigns on access to justice.
    • Data collected on around 50 trafficking cases in 13 countries.
    • Assistance to 26 claimant VOTs, with at least 10 successful trials.
    • European guidance for professionals on helping VOTs claim compensation, spread among 500 experts.
    • European guidance transposed into at least seven national contexts.
    • Three capacity-building seminars for 100 lawyers, trade unionists and other stakeholders.
    • Pan-European conference on compensation, co-hosted with the EU, for 150 stakeholders.

    Further information

    Ms. Suzanne Hoff, La Strada International —

    Ms Wiesje Zikkenheiner, La Strada International –


    Ensuring compensation for trafficked persons

    The video presents several interviews with international anti-trafficking stakeholders who explain the importance of compensation and the obstacles that prevent those trafficked from accessing compensation. The video presents the tools developed by COMP.ACT to bring about systematic and practical changes to ensure that those trafficked in Europe receive compensation for their suffering and unpaid labour.



    Data collection