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  • Integrated approach for prevention of labour exploitation in origin and destination countries




    National Agency against Trafficking in Persons, Romania


    € 450 000 (€ 350 000 of EU support)


    Ongoing from 2010 to 2013


    European Public Law Organisation, Greece; Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, Hungary; Ministry of the Interior, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; National Commission for Combating Human Trafficking, Bulgaria; KISA NGOs, Cyprus

    Objectives and results

    The aim is to identify what more these countries must to do to combat the trafficking of human beings for labour exploitation. In particular, the project aims to help them improve the identification and referral of victims, to provide better assistance to these people and to more effectively prosecute and convict traffickers. The project also aims to improve communication between the authorities concerned.

    The project is expected to help the authorities combat trafficking for labour exploitation and to change the attitudes of the public and of decision makers and employers in sectors where there is a major risk of trafficking. The project should also make people in the countries of origin more aware of the risks of illegally working abroad.

    The following activities were planned to be undertaken:

    1. A study on the characteristics of policies to combat THB for labour exploitation  (legislation assessment, inter-institutional cooperation etc.)
    2. Nine regional seminars in all participating countries with key stakeholders (labour inspectors, judges, prosecutors, police officers, social workers, NGO representatives)
    3. Two international conferences on the occasion of EU anti-trafficking day, to facilitate the exchange of experience between the labour inspectors, police officers and social workers in countries of origin, transit and destination.
    4. Awareness-raising campaign regarding the risks of illegal work and risks of trafficking — a TV spot, 6000 posters, 6000 brochures, etc.
    5. Network of national experts in identifying, referring and providing assistance to victims of labour exploitation.

    Further information

    Petrache Alexandra, Inspectorate General of Romanian Police