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  • COSPOL Facilitated Illegal Immigration Project


    Hungarian National Police

    December 2007 – December 2009

    Bundeskriminalamt, Germany; Bundeskriminalamt, Austria; National Unit for Countering Illegal Migration, Slovakia

    Objectives and Results
    The project intended to tackle the illegal migration flow from Eastern Europe towards the European Union with a view to:

    • shedding light on recurring features and patterns associated with the facilitation of the illegal entry of Moldovan and Ukrainian nationals into EU countries
    • identifying the general-criminal networks and structures used for this purpose.
    • identifying logistical preparations for illegal entry into EU countries or for the ostensible legalisation of illegal residence in the EU
    • preventing people smuggling in the migrants' countries of origin
    • preparing operational measures aimed at dismantling or permanently weakening the networks used to facilitate illegal entry

    Within bi- and trilateral initiatives organisers, middlemen and drivers were arrested for trafficking, falsification of official documents, crime against persons, burglary, extortion and drug-trafficking.

    During the implementation of the project the COSPOL group was in contact with other international organization, especially with the European Union Border Assistant Mission to Ukraine and Moldova (EUBAM). A strategic meeting was organized by EUBAM involving LEAs of Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

    Publications and Other Resources
    Final evaluation of the operation

    Further Information
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