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  • An Informed Person is a Protected One

    Promoting Best Practices in Prevention Activities against Trafficking for Forced Labour through a European Network


    The Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania

    278.000€ (requested EU grant – 222.000€)

    Ongoing, 2011 – 2013 (24 months)

    Foundation "Lampas", Romania; 2 German NGOs

    Objectives and results
    The project intends to explore best practices and to examine the conditions for their transferability in the EU. To this end a multilingual booklet on prevention, identification and assistance of victims of trafficking for labour exploitation will be prepared and translated into several EU languages. The project should strengthen cooperation between public services and civil society organisations.

    The core activities should take place in four cities selected to provide support and counselling centres for victims - Iasi, Oradea, Stuttgart and Bremen. Workshops and exchange of information would involve experts, and other stakeholders such as mass media, trade unions, employers associations, police, local authorities etc.

    Awareness raising actions should be undertaken as well, targeting young people at high risk directly (presentations at schools) and indirectly (training of trainers on trafficking: teachers, school psychologists, social workers). Possible employers and recruitment agencies should be provided with brochures on prevention of trafficking in various sectors (agriculture, construction, domestic work).

    Expected results:

    • European and local networks of NGOs, trade unions, churches etc involved in the struggle against trafficking for forced labour
    • better knowledge on trafficking for forced labour among public institutions, trade unions, churches, NGOs, recruitment agencies, employer federations andmass-media in Romania and Germany
    • improvement of the methodology to tackle trafficking for forced labour

    Further information
    Ms Elena Timofticiuc, Department coordinator -