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    Agora Consortium Social Cooperative Society (IT)


    190.748€ (maximum EU grant – 166.962€)


    18 months


    Federazione Nazionale Stella Maris (IT); Centro Studi Medi Migrazioni Nel Mediterraneo (IT);Consorzio Nazionale Idee in Rete S.C.S. a R.I. (IT)

    The project aims to:

    • Organise training on trafficking in human beings to asylum officers, law enforcement authorities, port authorities, coast-guards, border and custom police;
    • Improve the collaboration between trafficking victims and public prosecution services to improve identifying situations and behaviour indicative of the presence of human trafficking;
    • Promote and develop protocols of intervention, according to a multi-agency approach (judicial authorities, law and enforcement authorities, institutional bodies and voluntary organisation working with vulnerable people);
    • Involve all civil society organizations (especially within the port context, where there will be a focus on increasing the awareness);
    • Improve the monitoring processes of trafficking in human beings.

    The training activities and the collection and dissemination of statistical data on the identification and protection of trafficking victims will provide input to develop tools for the prevention of human trafficking.

    The establishment of standardised identification procedures of potential victims will lead to set up measures against the criminalisation of trafficked persons, so that access to protection measures will not be hindered.

    Enhance cooperation of officials working in the field of refugees and trafficking in human beings.

    Further information

    Ms Simona Binello – Coordinator.


    Italy, Data collection, NGO and Civil Society, ISEC, Training, Law enforcement, Prevention