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  • Ending Human Trafficking in Fisheries - a European Union approach




    Environnemental justice Foundation (UK)


    249.705€ (maximum EU grant – 223.910€)


    24 months

    Objectives and results

    With a core focus in the UK and additional work in Spain, the project proposes an innovative method of information gathering for combatting trafficking in fisheries.

    In addition, the project is designed to be scalable and replicable for transfer across Member States and becoming more efficient with scale.

    The four main objectives are:

    • To promote the understanding of the fishery industry and EU Member States of their roles in combating trafficking in human beings, in particular flag States, port States and the States of origin of beneficial owners;
    • To provide up-to-date documentation of trafficking in fisheries and the development of a network of informants to strengthen the ability and the coordination of law enforcement agencies, national authorities, union bodies and industry to prevent and fight human trafficking;
    • To identify cases that fall within the jurisdiction of a Member State and forward to the relevant authorities for further investigation in accordance with the EU Directive;
    • To work with Member States, industry, the media and the public to raise awareness and reduce the risk of people becoming victims of human trafficking.

    Several of the envisaged results of the projects are:

    • Raising the awareness of public, policy makers and industry on trafficking in human beings;
    • Awareness raising on trafficking in human beings among EU fisheries retailers/suppliers: a minimum of 6 major European suppliers/retailers make public commitment to identify the supply chain of fisheries products, develop codes of conduct and identify tools to implement anti-trafficking activities; .
    • Policy solutions will be promoted and strengthened, in particular effective implementation of the EU Directive and ratification of the ILO Work in Fishering Convention.

    Further information

    Ms Rebecca Attwood – Deputy Director.


    Victims, ISEC, United Kingdom, Spain, Labour exploitation, Data collection