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    La Strada International (NL)


    295.012€ (maximum EU grant – 263.298€)


    24 months


    Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen (SOMO) (NL); La Strada Czech Republic (CZ); La Strada Trafficking in Persons and Slavery (PL); Animus Association Foundation/La Strada Bulgaria (BG); Bundesweiter Koordinierungskreis gegen Frauenhandel und Gewalt an Frauen im Migrationsprozess, KOK e.V. (DE); Verein Lefo –Beratung, Bildung und Begleitung fur Migrantinnen (AT); Living for Tomorroe (EE), Association Accompagnement, Lieuz d;Accueil, Carrefour educative et social (ALC) (FR); Association for Developing Alternative Practices for Reintegration and Education (ADPARE) (RO); Adoratrices ESSC (Proyecto Esperanza) (ES); Centre for shelter and assistance to victims of human trafficking (PAG-ASA) (BE); Associazione On te Road Onlus (IT); Stichting Coordinatiecentrum Mensenhandel (CoMensha) (NL); KISA – Action for equality, Support and Antiracism (CY).


    This project aims to critically address the issue of (employers and consumers) demand and supply for products and services, in order to reduce (vulnerability for) exploitation and human trafficking.

    The project objective is to strengthen the cooperation between grass root organisations and the business sector in effectively preventing and addressing trafficking in human beings.

    The project will achieve three specific objectives:

    • To strengthen the knowledge and capacity of grass root anti-trafficking NGOs for establishing effective means of cooperation with the business sector on THB prevention and/or demand reduction
    • To foster engagement with the business sector in preventing and addressing human trafficking by awareness raising and building partnerships
    • To improve awareness among consumers on human trafficking and its links to everyday products and services

    Further information

    Ms Suzanne Hoff – International Coordinator.  


    Netherlands, Bulgaria, Labour exploitation, ISEC, Prevention