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  • Countering new forms of Roma children trafficking: Participatory Approach




    Center for the Study of Democracy (BG)


    460.227€ (maximum EU grant – 414.204€)


    24 months 


    Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights / BIM (AT); Censis Foundation (IT); Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy / ELIAMEP (EL); Center for Policy Studies at Central European University / CPS (HU): People in Need /piN (SK); Soros Foundation Romania (RO).

    Objectives and results

    The initiative aims to strengthen counter-trafficking efforts in Europe by addressing two deficiencies in the current response: lack of in-depth knowledge of the new forms of trafficking affecting children and lack of active involvement of the Roma community – a group at high risk of child trafficking. The project will be focused on three new forms of trafficking: child begging, exploitation for pick-pocketing and sexual exploitation of boys. Activities will take place in four MS, typical countries of origin (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia), and three MS, traditionally destination points for Roma victims (Austria, Italy, Greece).

    The main objectives of the proposed project are:

    • To strengthen counter-trafficking efforts targeting Roma children by providing better understanding of new forms of trafficking through developing and testing new methods of participatory research carrying out evidence-based analysis;
    • To empower Roma communities to act as equal partner in counter-trafficking policies and measures;
    • To enhance child victim support in countries of origin and destination by developing pilot initiatives for child victims support and sensitising service providers and child protection authorities to new forms of trafficking;

    The main project results include:

    • Increased knowledge and awareness of three new forms of trafficking of Roma children;
    • Increased capacity of vulnerable Roma communities to act as equal partner in counter-trafficking efforts;
    • Increased awareness among 12 Roma communities about the risks and consequences of child trafficking and the available mechanisms for support.

    Further information

    Mr Andrey Nonchev –


    Austria, ISEC, Bulgaria, Sexual exploitation, Children, Forced begging