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  • An estimation model of the social cost of the trafficked prostitution in France




    Mouvement du Nid (FR)


    299.688€ (maximum EU grant – 269.719€)


    24 months


    Psytel (FR); ONG Informelles (FR);

    Objectives and results

    The objective is to develop a model to estimate the social costs of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation for society at alrge and for its victims. This model is developed with a view to be used in other Member States as well.

    The results obtained will serve to raise awareness about the social cost of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation among the political sphere and the NGO sector. The project will help the victims of trafficking giving arguments to demonstrate that measures on prevention and rehabilitation are needed, also from the economic perspective.

    The expected results are, among others, the following:

    • A compilation of studies and data available in Europe
    • A list setting the indicators to take into account for the estimation of the social cost.
    • A list giving detail on the hypothesis used to carry on the calculation and the estimation model.
    • Estimation for the case of France, etc.

    Further information

    Ms Marjorie Blackwell, Coordinatrice Nationale–


    Prevention, ISEC, France, Victims, Sexual exploitation, Data collection