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  • Guardians for separated children Against Trafficking and any form of Exploitation

    Guardians for separated children Against Trafficking and any form of Exploitation: Standards and Training for the qualification of guardians for separated children against trafficking and exploitation (GATE)




    Family and Childcare Centre, Greece






    Defence for Children International – Italy; CARDET - Center for the Advancement of Research and Development, Cyprus; Defence for Children - ECPAT -The Netherlands

    Objectives and results

    The project contributes to EU cooperation on protection of victims with an important focus put on children. It aims at improving guardianship systems related to trafficking and exploitation of human beings.

    To this end, the following specific activities are undertaken:

    • Analysis and research in 4 countries, with direct participation of children with a view to developing EU key indicators
    • Capacity building, with development of trainer training sessions.
    • Drafting of a training guide for guardians on child trafficking and exploitation
    • Development of a website

    The project is complementary to other projects undertaken in the field especially “Closing a protection gap for separated children in Europe”, currently running in 8 EU countries with the support of the Daphne III Programme.

    The focus of the project will primarily be on 2 destination and transit countries for separated children (Italy and Greece). The set of key indicators and standards identified in these countries will then be used to assess the situation in the 2 other countries involved (Cyprus and Netherlands). That way an assessment tool will be created which will then be disseminated in at least 15 other EU countries.

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    Further information

    Ms Sophia Wanche-Politis, KMOP -


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