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  • Joint Efforts of Police and Health Authorities in the EU Member States and Third Countries to Combat and Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings and Protect and Assist Victims of Trafficking




    Payoke, Belgium






    University of Pecs, Hungary; National rapporteur on trafficking in human beings, the Netherlands; Institut Pierre Werner (IPW), Luxemburg; Institute for Social Policies Innovation (IRPS), Albania; Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Albania; General inspectorate of the Romanian Police; Danube University Krems, Austria; Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Moldova; Ministry of Justice Sweden; Ministry of Interior (SEF), Portugal; Allan Consultancy  Ltd, UK

    Objectives and results

    The project aims at further reinforcing cooperation among experts on trafficking in human beings from law enforcement, the judiciary and NGOs and extending this cooperation to health authorities, health care providers and border guards from participating EU and non –EU countries. Research centres from several countries provide academic support.

    The overall objective is to contribute to the development of skills and to the exchange of best practices in order to offer better medical protection to victims of trafficking thus improving active support of witnesses and crime victims, before, during and after criminal proceedings. Special attention will be paid to health/ mental health assistance during the rehabilitation and reinsertion process.

    Cooperation mechanisms among a wide range of stakeholders will be further developed through an interdisciplinary training programme for 160 officials.

    Publications and other resources

    A set of guidelines on health care and support for victims (foreseen).

    Further information

    Ms Patricia Sorensen, Director, Payoke -


    Law enforcement